Fast Way to Contact our Local Assemblyman

17 01 2008

EdVoice Website was established by our state’s leading educational philanthropists who understand  that the future of California will be shaped by the quality of education.
The website has a simple letter set up and it will localize which assemblyman to contact. All you have to do type in your name, address and of course with a little tweaking in the letter to make it more specific about California School for the Deaf. 
I suggest you to make a few changes in the letter before sending. From public schools, California schools, or schools to California School for the Deaf. 

Look at example below:

shared by Bridgetta Bourne-Firl and Jason Kulchinsky, parents and community members




3 responses

17 01 2008
Richard Roehm

Even faster is to volunteer in their campaigns so they really can open their ears and eyes to you and your concerns.

That’s what we been doing. We been sending deafies to get their job experiences in various campaign offices.


18 01 2008

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. As a CSD parent, I rely on the school’s official letters to keep me up to date of current issues. I’m glad to come across this v/blog for information in advance. I emailed the governor and the local assemblyman expressing my concerns. All children, either hearing or Deaf, should be every state’s upmost priority to stay in school. Thanks again.

20 01 2008
LuLu Long

Hello everybody,

Boy! This is really nothing new to me for many years lately since I was a member board of Deaf Education and been doing vounteer Advocacy for many years in these differently states which effected me to feel very strongly it is not any right for any of our governors to cut any of these Deaf incomes whereabouts Deaf children can earn their education as this is our ADA Rights and our own Deaf education, too.

In other hands, I believed that it is not any right to cut any of our Deaf Education any at all because look at Hearing public schools supposed to cut some of their incomes not us, Deaf or even our Deaf Educations any at all. I believed that we, Deaf people need to show our governors that we are still need these kind of incomes to support our innocently Deaf children and their Education rights, too.

Hearing people, our governors, I beg you all to please respect our Deaf rights as we Deaf people already respect theirs as why cannot they respect us, our Deaf people for what we Deaf need out of our own life? I would assumed if we Deaf people find that Hearing people, and governors have no respect for ours (Deaf) then let’s march our posted strike against toward to them as it happened in Gally?

No wonder why they (Hearing) people, and governors, are trying to force our Deaf chidren to get their stupid (sp) cholear implants as they are trying to make us (Deaf) people to become their suffering robots which it’s not any normal that God made us with our own gifts being normal Deaf as a human. There must be a lot of reasons that we Deaf people are such angry as I am since I have all of my own four Deaf children myself. Of course, I been fighting with some of these people about where to place them in their Deaf Education for many years and even I been helped some other Deaf students, too.

I know for surely any of these mainstreams are not for any Deaf students peroid!! The major reasons that I been going through many years even myself that my parents were Deaf and they cherished me to stay closer to them so, they placed me in one of these oral programs in these public schools where they provided some Deaf Education which effected me to felt it was not any right any at all because I born profound serve Deaf which means that I “cannot” hear anything at all. I am Deaf peroid as nobody can fix my “ears” and nobody can fix my “mouth”, too!!

I blamed on Hearing people, and governors who first placed me in the totally handicapped mainstream pubic school for five years and placed me in the Hearing pubic speical school where provided some Deaf Education in oral programs for eight years which effected me to feel that any of these public schools wasted my daily eight years of punishments of using my own ASL sign language that I refused to give up my own ASL sign language any at all till they gave up with me when I was just 14 years old, they had to placed me into the Deaf school at last where I felt more comfort and more bond to where I was belong to in Deaf Education. Now, I not want any of our innocently Deaf students to be suffer like me. I encourage them to be more security and more happier to learn much better in their education benfits for their future sakes to be succssful.

Why cannot Hearing people, and governors, just leave us Deaf people be normal Deaf that God made us for our own gifts in many areas? Than for us Deaf people to be more suffer with their junk jerky robots.

Pardon me, my language because why Hearing people are trying to wipe us Deaf people out of this world while we Deaf people are such innocently with our own normal ears????????

Hey? Hey?? Where do you Hearing people want us Deaf people or even Deaf children to learn education from? Why this have to bother us Deaf people and us Deaf children with our need of Education?


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