DCARA CEO statement

14 01 2008

I received this e-mail as a DCARA Board member and received permission to post this.

From: Diana Herron

I called Superintendent Jack O’Connell’s office to get clarification on the comment that he made on the radio regarding budget cuts and CSD. I spoke with Andrew Laufer who is a consultant for Dr. William J. Ellerbee, Jr., Deputy Superintendent overseeing the newly created School and District Operations Branch.

Clarification: Superintendent O’Connell is in favor of maintaining California School for the Deaf and he believes in Deaf Education.

His comment on the radio was worded in a way that is confusing especially to those of us who are more comfortable with ASL. He was trying to explain that the Governor has made a budget proposal for an “overall reduction to the State Special Schools (CSD is a part of the SSS) support and transportation.” Also, the Governor proposed a “major cut to classroom base – Prop 98 funding.” According to Mr. Laufer, Superintendent O’Connell sees that the Governor’s budget seems to favor prison services and reduction in education services especially for deaf and blind students.

Governor Schwarzenegger has made recommendations for proposals for cuts for every California State Departments including CDE, DOR, EDD, and DSS. So, what we need to do is to contact our legislators to voice our concern about budget cuts and how the cuts would negatively impact the quality of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people’s lives.

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Shared by Jenny Cantrell, a DCARA Board member, an alum, and a community member




One response

25 01 2008
LuLu Long

To Who it may concerns,

Hearing people , our governors, I Beg you all to repect our Deaf/Hard of Hearing RIghts already repect theirs as why cannot they repect us, our Deaf/Hard of Hearing people for what we Deaf/Hard of Hearing need in our own life? Now, I would assumed if we Deaf/Hard of Hearing people find that Hearing people, and governors have no respect for ours (Deaf/Hard of Hearing) then let’s march our posted strike against toward to them as it happened in Gally? That I really not want this ever happen again in any nearby future. Please help us with our budget that we need in our systems as possible since it never rasie more budget for us for many years till this happen to cut any of our budgets to continaully helping the others.

Are these governors and Hearing people who are trying to wipe us (Deaf/Hard of Hearing) out of this world for being to have the newest Cochlear Implants which cost the most high budgets than to have any of our improving Education, improving programs, improving jobs and improving systems in many areas in California? Many of us (Deaf/Hard of Hearing) are continually trying to break our barriers in many areas by trying to save a lot of governor’s budgets as possible as why this has to cut our budgets while we (Deaf/Hard of Hearing ) are trying to reach our goals for a better life.

Hearing people do have their many clubs and etc more than Deaf/Hard of Hearing do then why bother our budgets to be cut? It supposed to cut many of these Hearing’s clubs and etc…. NOT DEAF/HARD OF HEARING any at all.


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