Calm, respectful action is a MUST

13 01 2008

Hi, everyone.

A few comments have asked for clarification, a suggestion to wait, and so on. We assure you that we are not encouraging people to panic, to rashly call O’Connell’s office and leave an angry message, or anything of that nature.

We fully acknowledge the possibility that this is simply a political ploy, therefore, we need to tread with care. But do we really want to take that chance and wait? The budget crisis is a very real and serious one. There are ways to argue successfully that downsizing the State Special Schools is a smart financial move, but I’m not going to make the mistake of outlining those here. *grin* What we (as in all of us community members out there) need to do is to get in touch with O’Connell’s office, but to do it with tact and reason. We do not want to alienate him, you’re right. We do, however, need to send the message that CSD is valuable and should be left alone with a minimum of damage from the budget ax. There’s nothing wrong/dangerous about going ahead and placing a tactful call, saying that you want to keep CSD without downsizing in any way, and encouraging others to do the same.
This is a multi-pronged approach, and we’re doing everything we can, including some of what you’ve suggested, but for various reasons, including job security for some of us, we can’t outline those here.

For those of you who are urging caution or waiting, there is nothing wrong with contacting O’Connell and urging that he minimize the cuts as much as possible for CSD, say “no downsizing,” and so forth in a calm, respectful way. If you have direct ties (you are a hearing businessperson in Fremont,  you graduated from CSD, you have children at CSD, you’re a community member in California, you’re related to someone from CSD, and so on), mention that. It cannot hurt for the California Department of Education (CDE) to hear that CSD is important just the way it is, without changing/downsizing. In fact, it could even help us in other areas.

We may need to do this more than once over the next several months, but we are remaining calm and encouraging respectful action above all.

Thanks, everyone.

shared by Jenny Cantrell, alumnae and community member 




2 responses

13 01 2008
Dave Smith

One thing to keep in mind is that Jack O’Connell is an elected state official. That makes him susceptible to organized political pressure. I see the Fremont community is getting organized. Anything going on down south in Riverside?

13 01 2008
Red CJ Mayfield

I agree with Jenny (Hi Jenny, long time!). In order for O’Connell and the people who works with him to listen and take us seriously we need to communicate in a straighforward, direct and civilized approach instead of to communicate in harassing, threatening and angry manners. Yes, those feelings you may be experiencing is understandable, normal and perhap VERY tempting to express exact how you feel but then again we want the very people including O’Connell to pay attention to what we have to say and they most likely will take us seriously with respects.

Red CJ Mayfield (CSD class of 88 & chairperson for DHHSC Merced/|Mariposa/Madera AC.

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